Head Office and Hospitality/Retail Tenancy, Collingwood

Principal Contractor, Existing Materials Consultant, Furniture Maker

With the primary investment being made in transforming an existing 100-year-old building into a fully compliant and super efficient mixed-use facility; we describe this project as ‘the poster-child of adaptive re-use’. The site was the former home of PBS radio station for 25 years and the main structure of the building hadn’t been altered for a century; significant structural modifications involved significant deconstruction of existing materials, every last item has been safely kept in Revival Zero Footprint Repurposing facility, ready for re-use throughout the new design. Working for a client who is constantly seeking and supporting sustainable initiatives is a dream scenario for Revival, particularly when the final outcome will be a sophisticated, refined aesthetic, one which will certainly help combat the inaccurate, boring stigma that recycled = rustic.

A compelling example of adaptive re-use, which really is the nirvana when it comes to utilising existing materials, and easily the most sustainable way that we can approach urban development to align with evolving requirements.