1280 Ceramics, Brunswick

Design, Build

A good story: Kevin Li, Founder of 1280 Ceramics, called Robbie around Christmas 2020, and said he needed to demolish some existing timber ceiling beams and would love to see them go to a business that could repurpose them.

Robbie went and had a look, it was 10 old macrocarpa beams, each one approximately 6 metres long. Kevin mentioned that he was planning to build a new shopfront as part of his upcoming fit-out... Robbie suggested that he prepare some samples of how the macrocarpa might look when machined and finished. The next meeting was at Revival's first zero footprint repurposing space in South Melbourne, where Robbie presented samples and a proposed design for the shopfront....BOOM.

The new shopfront is designed and built exclusively using the ten old ceiling beams, a very efficient ‘woven timber’ design, which stands out as a very unique gem on Sydney road.

Kevin operates a wonderfully inclusive, intimate studio where accessibility and support are liberally given to those curious about the craft of ceramics.