The spaces which comprise the built form of our retail industry are not famous for being sustainable. With increasing pressure and competition for the most exotic, indulgent store designs, we are seeing more and more waste created by the thirst for the most successful fit-out. Add to this the ever evolving visual merchandise and stock requirements, in addition to refurbishment obligations in lease agreements, and you have the perfect storm for a sector of industry going in the wrong direction when it comes to sustainability.

The Revival Pop-up is designed and engineered to offer an entirely sustainable approach, with immediacy, modularity, and re-use as the pillars of the concept. Presenting as a full turnkey solution, from initial spatial assessment, through to overnight construction and certification, then pack down and removal upon completion of use.

The impetus of the Revival Pop-up was to provide a sustainable response to the high volume of empty spaces across our city in the wake of COVID, offering immediate temporary activation by way of innovative design and repurposing.