The salvage mission Revival conducted at The Lyric Theatre in 2017 evolved to become a powerful example of how far and wide the impact of circular design initiatives can be.

So many different designs have been underpinned by this one special building and the existing materials it was comprised of. Locally, these materials have been repurposed into projects such as Pickings & Parry Barberson on Gertrude street (900 metres from the salvage site), Patagonia Lt Collins street, RM Williams Melbourne Central Shot Tower, Neuw Denim Brunswick street, Fresh Connection Grocers in Brighton, local residential work in Fitzroy, multiple furniture commissions, and no less than 2000 picture frames which were distributed globally.

The engaging history transcends the material resource; these are organic materials which provided shelter/structure for a local theatre, enjoyed by the community decades before cars were on our roads. In their final days as The Lyric structure, the space played host to a remarkable exhibit by globally acclaimed street artist Rone.

Now, we strive to be responsible custodians of these precious materials by facilitating circular design initiatives on an unprecedented scale. Nearly 4 years have passed between our salvage operation in 2017, and repurposing the last of the materials into the Fresh Connection Family Grocers in August 2020. During that 4 years, we lived all the challenges associated with large scale repurposing initiatives which span several years. These experiences gave impetus to our Zero Footprint Repurposing Hubs spaces we established and dedicate to helping others use the materials they already have... Breaking down barriers to entry and demonstrating the relevance, value, and scale of opportunity held by the existing materials all over our city.