Ten trees. Ten designs. Ten good reasons to revolutionise the way we handle felled trees from our communities.

Like many major cities, the city of Melbourne is home to hundreds of thousands of trees throughout our parks, streets and public spaces. A necessary aspect of ongoing urban forestry management is the felling of certain trees due to tree age, tree health, public safety, and urban development. Thousands of trees are cut down every year and the most common outcome (in Melbourne) is for these felled trees to be mulched; this is due to perceived barriers-to-entry around the process involved in transforming the tree into a useable resource.

We believe that these trees are a sacred resource which holds exceptional potential, worthy of a considered, appropriate future-use. These are trees which have played a vital role throughout our city for generations, there is a dramatic sense of connection with the communities they come from. Given the right approach, this sense of connection has the power to transcend the life of the tree and go on to resonate with an even broader audience.

Ten Good Reasons is a scalable initiative, designed to explore how we might handle this sacred resource, in such a way that promotes and demonstrates values of sustainability, community engagement and inclusion.

Occupying a warehouse in Brunswick, Revival has engineered the worlds first relocatable urban kiln, the structure of which is manufactured entirely from recycled materials. It is a dehumidification style kiln, powered by solar panels which have been salvaged from another local Melbourne development.

We will be milling trees onsite, en masse.

More information to be announced in Q1 2023, but for now fair to say that we have broken down the barriers to entry when it comes to utilizing trees as a resource, and that throughout 2023 we will demonstrate to a global audience a revolutionary new approach to the way we handle, respect, celebrate, utilize, and honour the trees we cut down in our cities.

The drawings of trees you see here, (biro pen on paper) were drawn by our talented friend Indi O’Rourke, who cycled around the City of Melbourne studying and drawing the species of trees which we initially secured for this Ten Good Reasons initiative.