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Our mission here is to make it easier than ever, for you to repurpose existing materials into new design and construction projects. If your project involves demolition, we invite you to use this space, free of charge, to store demolished materials while your project comes to life and until repurposing those materials becomes possible.

Through our Zero Footprint Repurposing initiatives, our objective is to inspire change by facilitating a sustainable approach in two fundamental areas of the design and construction industry:

  1. Revolutionise the perceived value of existing materials, in the context of new design; and
  2. For repurposing and re-use to become foundational in our industry, we are working to increase cohesion between key stakeholders at the right juncture; the value of existing materialsneeds to be identified and salvaging missions prioritised, before concept, demolition, timing, and budgets are all finalised.

Reduce carbon, reduce waste, reduce deforestation, reduce transport, reduce consumption. Use the shit you already have to help build your new shit.

At the moment we throw so much away, only to then destroy the planet in harvesting and consuming new materials.

The Collingwood Hub will be demolished around 2024, at which point we will salvage every piece of timber and every brick. We are currently collaborating with Grimshaw Design Practice and ANPLUS Developers in exploring best methods and applications to repurpose these materials straight back into the new development happening on this site. The value of existing materials across this city is immeasurable and vital.

Welcome to the repurposing revolution.

Through our zero footprint repurposing initiatives, our objective is to inspire change by facilitating a sustainable approach in the areas we can have the most immediate and significant environmental impact.