As an industry, as a community, as individuals — if we have no use for certain existing materials, and we don’t believe it’s worth trying to sell them, we generally reach a conclusion that they are waste. This typically results in destroying them and sending them to landfill.

No authorities challenge this conclusion, nobody else in the community is consulted, and there is no infrastructure or mechanisms offering an accessible, sustainable alternative… you are alone in your assessment of whether something is waste.

The purpose of the Revival Cooperative app is to facilitate large scale collective review of this “waste” to see if anyone has a use for it, before a conclusion is reached that  landfill is the best outcome.

Entirely free to use and free to download, upload your ‘waste’ and invite the possibility of re-use before sending it to landfill.

The Cooperative is not a platform for commercial exchange and nothing is bought or sold on this platform. The Revival Cooperative is a community of people who are motivated to decrease our collective landfill quota, it’s not a space for purchasing or selling materials….it’s a space to seek and explore alternatives for the existing materials which we currently refer to as “waste”.


Make re-use your first response. Make landfill your last resort.

This App is for you: every individual, every household, every business, every architect, every builder, every council, every developer, every trade, every designer, every manufacturer, every supplier, every consultant, every school, everyone.

Ask your architect to use this app.

Ask your builder.

Ask the developer you work for.

Ask your demolition contractor.

Ask your business.

Ask your neighbour.

Ask your supplier.

Ask your school.

Consider also, that when it comes to energy consumption,  re-use and repurposing are both better outcomes than recycling.

One person’s trash is another persons treasure? Let’s get these people talking.

Destructive practices have become normalised and even encouraged, it’s all we’ve known as an industry and it’s all that’s been available.

A couple of centuries of linear, consumption-driven traditions and systems have cultivated a collective deficit of resourcefulness.

So much of what is currently sent to landfill, could be utilised by others.